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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What's in a name?

Hello all!

I'm sorry I've been MIA as of late. Taking care of sweet Selah is keeping me on my toes! She is six weeks old today and I can hardly believe it! She is already growing up so fast. I'm trying to just soak in and cherish these precious newborn days because I know in just a few months I will miss her being this size.


I first heard Selah used as a name probably a little over a year ago and honestly I wasn't too fond of it. I definitely LOVED the meaning and how it was from the psalms but I just didn't like the way it sounded in my head. I remember the first time I saw it I kept trying to figure out how it was pronounced.
 "See-luh. Sell-uh. How are you supposed to say this name?" I thought.
A quick google search answered my question because well, I google everything! and I was pleasantly surprised. Say-luh. It actually had a nice ring to it!
That night I went home and asked Louie what he thought of it. He LOVED it! While I, myself was still on the fence.

When Louie and I first found out I was pregnant we had a girl name that we had always planned on using. Cora. I had loved the name since high school and Louie liked it to so we were pretty settled on it. But Selah was always kind of in the back of our minds.

Fast forward about two months. We still had no idea if the little babe in my belly was a lad or lassie. My pastor came over to me and asked me to lay my hand on my belly. He then put his hand on top of mine and began to prophesy over Selah. He said a lot of things but I can't quite remember everything that was said. The part that stuck out to me the most, though was that he said that the baby would be a psalmist and would be very gifted in music. Immediately tears began to flow. I was so astounded and amazed at God because Louie and I had always prayed that our baby would be musical. Our pastor had no idea!
I was also amazed that he said she would be a psalmist because my husband and I had prayed continuously that this baby would be after God's own heart-like David. David just so happens to be the one who wrote most of the psalms! I knew then fully and completely that this word was from The Lord. There was no way it couldn't have been!

After the prophesy the name Selah immediately popped into my mind. I was thinking then that maybe the baby would be a girl! Louie still had me convinced that she would be a boy, though.

By the time I was 20 weeks and ready for the gender ultrasound Louie and I were both sure that we would have a boy! To both of our surprise we found out we would be having a little princess!

And so Selah she was! :)

We chose the middle name Abigail after much back and forth. We didn't actually decide on her middle name until we saw her for the first time. Once we saw her we knew Abigail was right for her!

Selah- "Pause and Reflect"
Abigail-"The Father's Joy"

And she certainly is such a joy!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Selah's Birth Story

It was 6:45am and we were on our way to the hospital to get induced. It was not at all like I always imagined it would be. I had always thought about the day I would have my baby, I had it all planned out in my head. My water would break in the middle of the night and hubby and I would have to rush to the hospital-not so much. It's funny how sometimes things don't work out how you plan them to. But when I look back on Selah's birthday I will always remember how God's hand was all over the entire day.

On the way to the hospital Louie and I prayed for complete peace and protection over both Selah and I. We also prayed for an easy, quick delivery and for wisdom for the doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologist. We prayed that Selah's birth would be an amazing testimony. It helped me so much after we prayed and also knowing that our Church family was praying for us as well gave me so much peace.

Once we got to the hospital we got all checked in and brought into the room. The nurse checked my progress and I was already 4cm dilated!! Then she started hooking me up to all of the machines and going through all of the normal questions. At this point it was starting to get real and I just couldn't believe that this would be the day I would meet my sweet Selah-my miracle baby.

Once the IV was inserted(which wasn't bad at all by the way) they started the Pitocin. Pretty shortly after I started feeling contractions and they weren't that painful---yet. At this point I would say they were a 3 on the pain scale. At about 9am my mom and sister, Melanie came into our room. I had planned to let them stay in the room for the labor but I told them once I started pushing they would have to leave. At this point they were holding out hope that I would change my mind. I had my mind set though. I wanted her birth to be a special moment between Louie and I. I was determined to make that happen. 

At about 10am the resident doctor came in and broke my water, this is when the real pain started. contractions started coming one after another, a minute apart or so. I just remember trying not to show I was in pain. I just kept my eyes closed and squeezed my husbands hand.

The next time the nurse checked me I think I was about 6cm dilated. This was at about noon I think. Then the nurse asked me if I was ready for the epidural. At this point my pain was at about a 4 or 5-it was bad but still tolerable. I told the nurse I was ready, I figured it was pointless to go through pain unnecessarily when I knew I was getting an epidural anyway. It's a good thing I decided to get one because the next half hour I had to wait was horrible! That pain was just so bad! Especially when they had me sit on the side of the bed and wait for the anesthesiologist.

Once the anesthesiologist came in the room he started explaining to me what was happening. Honestly I was not listening to a word he was saying, I was in too much pain. I just felt like I was in a fog. Once the epidural was in and the pain started to leave I was feeling a whole lot better. I was so relaxed-I felt like I was in a hot tub! lol It was great! I remember telling my mom at that point I don't understand why in the world anyone would want to give birth naturally!

At about 2:30pm the nurse checked me and I was about 10cm dilated! At this point my mom, two of my older sisters, and Louie's mom were in the room. When the nurse checked me she noticed that Selah was transverse which means her head was facing up instead of facing down. Babies can be pushed out when they are transverse but you need to push for a lot longer so we wanted her to turn on her own before I started pushing.
My sister Amanda came over and laid hands on me and prayed and declared that Selah would turn on her own.  Since it was about time to push the nurse made everyone besides Louie leave the room. Then the nurse sat me up in a really weird position to try and get Selah to flip on her own. Sure enough the next time she checked me Selah was facing the right way! Hallelujah!

After this the nurse had me do a couple of practice pushes and everyone kept telling me what a good pusher I was because she started crowning right away. She had my husband come look and he kept saying how much hair she had! So all that heartburn wasn't for nothing! ;) I knew it! The nurse told me to stop pushing so that my doctor would have time to get to the hospital. My doctor was at her office about 20 or so minutes away. While waiting for my doctor to get there I was so relaxed. I just know I had the peace of God that we had been praying for.

Once my doctor got there she got all suited up as well as the student doctor that was shadowing her. We also had a student nurse in the room to observe-this was the first birth she had ever seen. I was so happy that this birth would be one she'd always remember because God's hand was all over it and it was so evident. She was actually standing right next to me when my sister prayed.

My doctor had me do about two pushes and then told me I only needed to do about four more good pushes and Selah would be out! I was so excited. In between pushes I was still so relaxed and was literally about to fall asleep. I kept telling my husband that it felt like I was in a hot tub!

Sure enough, four pushes later and the nurse told me to open my eyes and look at my baby! That moment was one I will always remember. It was so amazing and I couldn't help but be in awe of God! They placed her on my chest and all I could do was cry. I bawled and bawled! I honestly thought I would tear up-I had no idea I would cry like that.

On July 16, 2013 my life changed forever. I became a mommy. I found a love in my heart for this sweet baby that I never knew existed. Even now I'm tearing up because this has given me a little glimpse into how much God loves me. I look at her and I think about how God gave His only son-for me! So I could be saved and spend eternity with him! How amazing is that?!

Louie and I are so blessed and in love with this sweet baby!