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Friday, November 22, 2013

Selah-4 Months Old

Weight: Selah is 11lbs 7oz. My little sweet pea.

Height: 24 inches long

Nicknames: Say Say, Little Missy, Missy, Sweet Pea
Eating: She's still eating every 2-2 1/2 hours. I think she's slowly starting to stretch out feedings which is awesome for me! It's crazy to me when I see other mamas talk about how their two month olds eat every four hours! I can't even imagine! lol
Sleeping: This last week she actually has been waking up at 5am or so. This mama is so not used to that! She even woke up at 2am a few days ago. I was wondering what was going on until I heard about this thing called 4 month sleep regression! Now it makes sense...She was back to her normal 10-7 schedule last night so I'm hoping we're all good again! 
Diapers: She's still in size 1 target diapers!
Clothing: 0-3 and 3 months!
Social: Selah is getting very aware of who's holding her now. When she realizes anyone who isn't mommy, daddy, or grandma is holding her that bottom lip goes out and she starts crying!
Likes: being tickled, laughing, shaking her rattle, playing on her playmat.
Dislikes: When she is not being entertained, being in her swing
Mama: Loving being a stay at home mama and so thankful that I've been given this precious gift!
Daddy: Louis is so good at making Selah laugh. It's pretty much the cutest thing!
What we're looking forward to: Thanksgiving! We're actually going to go to Kohls tonight to try and find her a cute thanksgiving outfit! Gotta be festive! ;)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Life Lately.

Life has been busy, but calm lately. I know that probably makes zero sense but hear me out.
The busy has been hard for me because since Selah has been born everything has been pretty steady, normal now. This is my life now.

We're finally getting back into the swing of photography, which is great! But to tell you the truth it's been a struggle for me because I simply don't want to spend anytime away from Selah. These past three months I've never been away from her for more than a few hours and now I'm expected to go and photograph a wedding for 8 hours. I give mad props to working mamas! I'm so blessed that I get to stay home with my girl and I will never take it for granted!

I never expected to be so attached to her. Sounds weird, I know because she's my baby. But I thought it wouldn't be a big deal at all to leave her with my mom for a couple of hours so Louis and I could go on a date. When the hubby and I have gone on one these past four months I was thinking and talking about her the whole time. I also thought that I would have her in the church nursery two months after she was born-ha! I'm laughing at how na├»ve I was. She is four months now and has yet to have been in the nursery without me. I'm working on it though, soon enough. Probably within the next few weeks or so.

The Lord has also been birthing something new in my heart, a dream or vision if you will. I know he placed a desire in me to fight for the unborn-to be their voice. But I haven't done nearly enough. So I'm planning to start volunteering very soon at a place here in Nebraska that helps young pregnant women make the decision to keep their babies. It's really an awesome place! I can't wait to see how The Lord will use me there. More than anything I just want to be His hands and His feet in this messed up world! I pray He would use me to do something big for His kingdom!

So I know that was kind of all over the place but just bear with me! That's been this blog much as I try to be consistent with writing something always takes me away from finishing a whole post, and when I sit down to write a post it's usually all over the place. For anyone still reading, I love you! Thanks for sticking around. Someday soon I will figure out how to balance this mommy/blogger thing. I'm determined to make it happen. I love writing much too much to stop! :)