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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Season of Change

How is it that just when everything seems to be going well something has to butt its way in and mess everything up? One of my sisters, Amanda JUST moved back from Las Vegas at the beginning of the month after 8 years of being away from home. The four sisters were FINALLY reunited!! "Reunited and it feels so gooooooood!" haha sorry I had to!
Where was I? Oh yes everything being ruined. My sister Faith just found out this week that she and her husband are being stationed in Illinois. Not to mention they are taking my sweet neice Summie with them! This saddens me. A lot. The only bright side of this situation is that they aren't leaving until December. So that means I must soak up as much Summie and Faith time as I can!
These next few months are going to be crazy! Things are a-changin!
My husband and I got our offer accepted on our house! Its perfectly beautiful house and we are so thankful that God cares for us so much! It's unbelievable sometimes to see where he has brought us from. I think that's my problem sometimes. I don't believe that he can do the same things he's done before. I just need to be reminded of what his grace and power has done before and then I am comforted. Comforted in knowing I serve a mighty God and that my life is in his hands-he's got this!

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