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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday Happenings.

Hola Amigas!
I'm excited to be posting again! I've been in a blogging slump as of lately. Not too sure why, I just havent known what to write about. We find out on FRIDAY the gender of this baby and I can't wait!! I'm planning to drink some OJ and eat something with lots of sugar before the ultrasound to make sure the baby is nice and wiggly! Haha. Then on Saturday we are having our immediate families over to our house for our big gender reveal party! EEE! It's going to be such fun! I will definitely keep you all posted on the gender! Guesses are welcome! :)

Welp I'm off to find something to deal with this heartburn. I'm at work and I forgot my tums! waaa! :( On the bright side I'm pretty sure this baby is going to have LOTS of hair!

Have a blessed wednesday, friends!

1 comment:

  1. Oh gosh! I'm terrible at these games.. I only got my own right because The Lord gave me some help lol. But I'm gonna saaaay....... A girl! ;)