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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I won't forget.

I sat in that doctors office. So very nervous, stomach in knots. Staring in a mirror at the reflection of the girl I'd never thought I'd be. The one longing to be pregnant. The one who tried, hoped, prayed, and dreamed of the day when she would carry a baby in her womb. That was the reason I was there, to find out what was wrong with me. As the doctor went over each option my heart sank a little more with each word she said. But after all the tests were said and done she couldn't find one thing wrong with me. Not one. Praise be to God!
One year later I'm in that very same office, staring at what would seem like the same girl in the natural. But It's not. I'm not her anymore. My name is no longer just Sarah, but mommy. I smile because I'm remembering how far I've come. I remember the ache and the pain, He replaced with joy and dancing. That empty womb, He replaced with a miracle baby. I see this huge 9 month pregnant belly and I am thankful. Oh so thankful.
It's funny how many people complain about those doctors appointments-especially the last month of them when you have to get a pelvic exam everytime. It's not the most pleasant experience-I admit. But a few weeks ago as I was leaving the doctors office I was rejoicing that I get the opportunity to go to those doctors appoinments! That my baby girl is growing healthy and strong and will be here in a few short weeks! How could I ever be annoyed about those doctors appointments? How could I ever forget?
I believe God has been showing me lately that if we could just learn to see His goodness in every situation then we'd never have anything to complain about!
It reminds me of the story of the Israelites after God brought them out of Egypt. That had just crossed the red sea-not even a hair on their head was injured. When the waters rushed back down after they had made it safely across the sea they watched as the egyptian solders drowned. They rejoiced knowing what a good God they served. But then not even a few chapters later they began to complain and worry! They had forgotten that soon how God had preserved them, protected them, cared for them! How could they forget what He had already done?
This is something I have been guilty of doing many a time! I start to worry about little things and forget all of the amazing things The Lord has already done for me! How can I ever worry? How can I ever doubt? He has my best interest in mind always! His goodness encamps around me like a shield. I can't ever forget. No, I won't ever forget!

Pictures in Baby Girl's room! :)

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  1. WOW!! This is amazing. You are going to be the best mama girl. <333