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Thursday, February 13, 2014


These moments. The messy, dirty, everyday moments. I don't take pictures of those....Well...let me rephrase that. I don't POST the pictures I take of those. Sometimes I feel guilty about that, like somehow I'm being fake.

 But I came to a conclusion this morning. There's nothing wrong with only posting my most favorite photos of Selah because in 10 years I don't think I'll remember the hard days, I will remember how beautiful my baby was.

 I will see her trying to be her grown up self and I will remember her sweet chubby cheeks and the way her fine baby hair framed her face just so.

I will think in fondness about how her long soft lashes completely encompassed those big blue eyes.

I will want to remember the way her toes curled around each other and how she crossed her legs, all relaxed.

The way she saw the world through the wonder that only a six month old baby can have, because everything is new to them. Everything is the first time.

 In 10 years I don't think I'll remember how my hair is a mess and I haven't had a good nights rest in weeks.  But I will remember in fondness that I have the most beautiful baby in the whole world in my arms, that I'm totally enveloped and completely smitten. I will remember that she's mine.