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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our Trip to Kansas City

Rustic Love

I'm linking up with April at Rustic Love! :)

Gosh guys, I have been so bad about blogging lately! I'm trying to get better, I promise! Anywho I thought I would give you all a little recap of our trip to KC aka babymoon. We didnt do anything super exciting because well, we were in Kansas. There's not a whole lot to do there! Under normal circumstances I would've LOVED to go to worlds of fun but of course I wasn't going to be able to go on any of the rides so that idea was a no go.
Hubby and I had such a good time together, though. It was good to get in that last vacation before our sweet bundle of joy arrives in July! My favorite memory of the trip didn't involve any of the cool places we went but happened right in the hotel room. Louie and I got this fun little card game called "would you rather?" It had all kinds of crazy questions like "Would you rather eat a handful of hair or lick three public telephones?"
 It was hilarious! The game said ages 7-12 but hey, it was a blast! I haven't laughed like that since I don't remember when! I literally almost wet my pants. hah. Loujo was cracking up at me because I brought towel from the bathroom to sit on top of-just in case! lol You can never be too careful when you have a 3 pound baby bouncing on your bladder!

While we were there we also had the best BBQ I'd ever eaten! Seriously! I can taste it now. The restaurant is called Oklahoma Joe's. It didn't look like much from the outside-it's in a gas station! So we were a little leery at first! Once we walked inside and saw a line around the restaurant we knew it would be good! And boy they did not disappoint! I ordered a sandwich called the Z-man. Its briscuit topped with provolone cheese, onion rings, and bbq sauce! OHMYGOODNESS. It's probably a good thing I live a good 3 hours from KC or else I would want to eat there everyday! Anyways enough about food-I'm making myself hungry! haha

We also went to a KC Royals baseball game which my hubby thoroughly enjoyed even though it was FREEZING! I enjoyed my footlong hotdog and funnel cake. Man, I really like my food. I have a pretty good excuse though! Baby wanted it! :)

We had such and awesome trip and I'm so glad we got the opportunity to go! It's pretty amazing to think our next vacation will be with our little sweet pea! I can't wait! :)

The day we got back we were greeted with a Baby Shower from our AMAZING church family! Seriously, we are so blessed! It was a joint babyshower with my friend, who also happens to be named Sarah! Isn't her belly the cutest?! I keep hoping my belly button will pop out like hers! lol She's such a sweetheart! I'm pretty excited that our little girls are going to be BFF's one day! :)


  1. You look fabulous!!I am beyond excited for you! That sandwich looked SUPER YUMS, you need to share preggo mama to preggo mama haha...thanks for linking up with me today, look forward to more bump pics :)

  2. Girl you look beautiful! It's so nice to have a preger buddy! My preg buddy lives in NC at the moment so we have to visit each other. She just brought her son here over the weekend so they've been having fun! :)I'm so glad you guys had a good time! X0x0