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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Newlywed Game!

1. Which one of you (you or your spouse) can go without a mirror the longest?
Him definitely! I'm big into making sure he is nice and groomed all the time! If it were up to him he would have long hair and a full beard-we're talking duck dynasty like! haha
I would say me
2. Do you have a picture of your spouse in a unique place (for example.. in the car, in the wallet, in your purse, in the bathroom?) and if so, where?
If you would call my computer screen background at work unique!
I do. I have a "collage wall" of her and I at the office.

3. Complete the sentence. "My spouse has more _________ than anyone else I know!"
My husband has more motivation/drive than anyone else I know!
                                         My wife has more fuzzy socks than anyone i know ?
4. Think back to your very first kiss with your spouse. How do you think your spouse would describe that kiss in one word?
I think he would say Amazing

5. Which one of these would your spouse say they are "ruled" by: Their heart, their mind, or their stomach?
I think he would say he is ultimately ruled by God but other than that his heart.
she used to say her stomach lol
Now I think she would say her mind

6. What will your spouse say attracts the most attention toward you when you are in a large crowd?
I think he would say my voice-I can be kinda loud at times! lol
hmm i believe she would say my face.

7. Without looking it up or asking....what is your spouse's zodiac sign?
I dont even know
Im not going to answer that one.

8. What is the last food item that you both shared in bed?
Probably cereal-we eat in bed A LOT!
ummm ice cream?

9. What would your spouse say is the first thing that you did on a date that showed them what you were REALLY like?
I think I really showed him my true silly personality-I was very outgoing on our first date.
She would say the first thing I did was talk about God all of the time.

10. What did your spouse say they wanted to do more than anything before you were married? Anything?
He wanted to be in a band and travel the country
I believe she wanted to travel. But her dream has always been to be a mommy :D


  1. You guys are so stinkin cute! I can totally see your guys passion & love for Jesus in these answers. Awesome!

  2. I love the newlywed game! My husband and I aren't technically newlyweds anymore, but we like to think we are ;) And congrats on your dream coming true! Being a mommy is the best thing ever!

  3. love when I find out it's opposite to what is usually thought...on 1
    awww 2, sweet man bringing you to work in pictures!
    5: YEP! Same here!
    and I loved reading 9!

    Sorry I was so late on reading but I sure did enjoy reading! :)