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Friday, December 27, 2013

To Be A Jewel.

I want to be a jewel in God's sight. Something so lovely, so precious, so valuable. That's my hearts desire.
My Great Grandma's name was Jewel. She went to be with Jesus when I was 10 years old so I don't have as many memories with her as I wish I did but my whole family still talks about her often. She was passionate about The Lord and I wholeheartedly believe that she is the reason my dad's entire side of the family is saved. She wasn't raised Christian and came to know Jesus at the age of 21. She surrendered to Him right in her living room. :)
I want to have a legacy like my great grandma Jewel. I want to have such a passion for Jesus that it's contagious! The way she did! She was imperfect like us all, but she knew that God can use an imperfect person, perfectly.

My great grandma, Jewel and I. 1991.
This is a poem that she wrote that I came across recently and it spoke to my heart so much. Apparently writing runs in my family! I hope this is as much of a blessing for you as it is for me!

Just As I Am
I want you to see me, Dear, just as I am.
I make no effort at pretense or sham.
I admit---I'm a person, strange as can be
And Just as I am, I want you to see.
I must make sure you've understood
That in me, there is just nothing good.
I've a mind and a will that's prone to sin
And my heart just welcomes evil in.
My tongue has far too much to say
My lips allow it heedless sway
My eyes see things they truly shouldn't
My ears hear much I would they couldn't!
My thoughts---not right---quite wrong instead
My acts---where angels fear to tread
My hands---time wastes and sadness brings
My feet---they haste to selfish things.
To sum it up---this useless tool---
This worthless thing---is really Jewel!
There's not much more that I can write
Except, dear, that I'm holding tight
To Him who hath saved even me
To be what He would have me be---
He stills my soul, and yes, my voice
He doth my mind and will rejoice
He breaks my heart in bits it seems
He shapes my words 'til beauty gleams
He shows my eyes how to discern
He tunes my ears to His concern
He molds my thoughts and keeps intact
He guides my hands, to loving act.
My feet, He places on the Rock
And there, I find a seal and lock
I marvel, Dear, that this can be---
How, thru his blood, He cleanseth me
And then---in Grace---He takes this clay
And breathes---thru me---just for today.
by Jewel Rice
August 6, 1942

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