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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I'm not ashamed of the gospel.

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In this day and age the popular thing to do is to stay silent when it comes to your beliefs. In this age of "tolerance" we are expected to accept the things that the world considers the norm. If you happen to speak up for what the Bible says is true you might just be called a "bigot". But you know what? That's normal. If we aren't being criticized for the things we believe in then what are we standing for, anyway?
In the Bible it said we would be persecuted for what we believe so we shouldn't be surprised when these things happen!

When I was in college I had an English professor who was a very outspoken atheist. I dreaded going to class everyday because he would bash Christians almost every time I saw him. I felt everyday like I wanted to speak up but was so afraid because the class was full of people who believed what he did and would often join in on his crazy banter. At the same time, though I felt like The Lord wanted me to speak up like there was a reason he put me in his class.
Finally one day I had the opportunity as he went around the entire class asking each person what was the meaning of life. I, of course knew what I had to say. Finally when he got to me I proceeded with shaking hands and a bundle of nerves. "The meaning of life is fulfilling my God given destiny and living my life for Him."
The teacher attempted to rip me to shreds with question after crazy question. I answered everyone to the best of my ability without batting an eyelash. The Lord was with me. Finally after several questions he moved onto the next student.
I felt sort of defeated after all was said and done as I sat there in class thinking about what I could've said differently and yadi yadi ya. But then after class something amazing happened. A girl who sat behind me came up to me and thanked me for standing up for Jesus and told me that she had wanted to do the same thing for so long but was afraid. She proceeded to say that she had been questioning her faith ever since she had been in this teachers class but once I spoke up she knew that it was the devil putting those thoughts in her mind! I was floored. I had no idea that anyone else in the class even believed what I did and I had no idea speaking up would help someone else. God knew what He was doing by giving me the courage He did that day.
I don't remember that girls name. I wish I did so I could see how she's doing these days. I pray that she is strong in her Faith and on fire for the Lord. It's amazing what we can do when we let God use us as His vessels. Yes it takes a whole lot of courage and knowing who you are in Christ but the results? The results are life changing.

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  1. Wow bestie!! This gave me Jesus bumps! This is one awesome post that really blessed my heart this morning. I will bet she wasn't the only one who's faith was questioned that day and I bet what your boldness has shown re assured them that God's not dead and He's surely alive!!

    Love ya!!