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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Finally figuring this blogging thing out!

FINALLY posting a few pics from Colorado!

Loujo and I decided to take the scenic route so we could see chimney rock! It added about 3 hours onto our trip but it was totally worth it! The history there is so fascinating to me! Just to imagine all of the pioneers who climbed up there and signed their names....*sigh* I would love to see those signatures close up!
After 9 hours of driving through dry corn fields...COLORADO!
Aint he cute?! He was really excited about the mountains if you can't tell!
"Babe lets take a picture!" Babe is clearly more interested in watching the road...I should probably mention that we were driving on a VERY narrow mountain road when this was taken. He had our best interest in mind! lol
We were drawn to this little dog statue. I named him Frankie.

I promise we didn't wear the same clothes everyday! The only pictures we got together were during this day. :)
And of course we had to get some photography in!

There you have it!


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