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Friday, January 18, 2013

Fun-Day Food-Day

AH oh my goodness I am so excited it's Friday, you don't even know! I get a four day weekend! HOLLA!
So here we go. Letters to friday.
Handsome Hubby! Love Hims!

Dear photography website/blog-I'm so excited for your unveiling, this thing finally feels so real.

Dear new mattress-One word. King Size. We finally get you tomorrow! Our old queen size mattress just wasn't doing it for us. I can't wait to sleep on the soft cloud that you are.

Dear Baby Teal-I love you so much already! I'm getting so anxious to find out what you are! I still think you are a girl, but daddy is still holding out for a boy. Only about 6 more weeks till we'll know. I can't wait!

Dear food day- I'm going to eat so much today at work. for serious.

Dear sweet husband- I love you! Thank you for letting us get our first pack of newborn diapers last night! I know it's still over 5 months away till the baby comes but I know we will be a little more prepared if we start stocking up now. I'm so excited to see you with our baby! You are already such a good daddy!

Dear heavenly father- Thank you for all of the blessings. I'm sorry if I haven't told You enough. Thank You thank You thank You thank You thank You. I think about where me and Louie were are year ago and it's so amazing to see where You've brought us. Thank You for being such a good God!

Be blessed, friends!


  1. Your header is cute, especially the photo on the left :)

    I wanted to invite you to stop by our weekly weekend "Meet & Greet Blog Hop" (Friday - Monday). Come link up if you have time this weekend and join the fun!

  2. We just upgraded from a Queen to a King sized bed too and it is SOOOOO worth it!!!

    Newest follower :)


    1. I know! It's the best!
      Thanks so much for following! :)
      I'm following back!