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Friday, January 25, 2013

The Newlywed Game!

Today I'm joining in a whole new link-up which I'm pretty excited about! I've been married for about a year and a half now so I think you could still consider us newlyweds! We both went through and answered each one-on our own I might add. Mine are purple, his are green if the her and him didn't tip you off enough! haha

ONE:What's the worst thing that happened on your wedding day?
Her: It rained first of all so we had no idea where we would have the ceremony since it was supposed to be outside. We ended up having it at the reception hall and the manager wouldn’t let any of our guests inside for at least an hour! Everyone was stuck outside in the rain! THEN the only place to hide me at the reception hall was in the bathroom. It was small-and my big poofy dress didn’t help.

Him: I didnt get to see my wife for 24 hours :(
TWO:Who is the better driver?
Her: He is! I definitely ran over a curb like 2 days ago. Sadly this is not the first time this has happened...or the second...or the third. (blush) This is why when we're together I let him drive.

Him: ME :D
THREE:If someone had to play your spouse in a movie, who would it be?
Her: Oh gosh I don't know! Maybe Taylor Lautner! lol
Him: She would play herself
FOUR:What is your spouse's favorite comfort food?
Her: He loves chicken!
Him: Cereal!
FIVE:Which one of you hogs all the covers in bed?
Her: Me! Not even going to try to deny it!
Him: She does! I wake up in the middle of the night freezing : ( lol
SIX:The saying "opposites attract" must be true because my spouse and I couldn't be more different when it comes to______?
Her: TV. He is a football/sports fanatic whereas I HATE sports. Seriously I've tried to like them for him but I just get bored out of my mind!
Him: No answer for this one!
SEVEN:If your spouse won $5000 what would they spend it on?
Her: Probably music or camera equipment.
Him: Clothes, make up, contacts, baby clothes
EIGHT:If your spouse could be married to any famous person, who would it be and why?
Her: No one! He loves being married to me! :)
Him: She would say nobody because she loves me.

NINE:Who controls the remote?
Her: I would say its pretty even.
Him: My wife does
TEN:If your spouse was a super hero, what would their super power be?
Her: To Fly
Him: To be able to Fly


  1. You are definitely still considered newlyweds! For sure!
    I am so sorry it rained! That's awful! & I can completely agree with not being able to see each other for 24 hours! I feel like all I did was run around and thank people!!

    Oh my goodness I love how your husband said that you would play yourself in a movie. SO cute. =)

    Thank you so so much for linking up! Hope you had fun! ;-)

  2. haha I love your answers for 8! So sweet :)

  3. I love this link up! I just did a Vday one and it's hilarious to see what I choose and what my hubby chooses!

    P.S. Love your outfit!