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Friday, March 8, 2013

If you really knew me...

You'd know that…
I'm 5'6 and sometimes I feel like a giant. I know that's not super tall for a girl, but still.
I have naturally wavy hair, and I wish I was better at making it cooperate.
I moved to Las Vegas right after graduating high school and lived there for a year.
I'm a momma's girl-up until I got married I'd still occasionally sneak into my mom's bed at night.

I have a very rational fear of mice(eeek!) I will have to do a blog post about my traumatic experience sometime.
I love fuzzy socks and being cozy in general.
I always change into my "comfy clothes" as soon as I get home.
One of my biggest dreams is to live in the country-in the middle of no where.
Another dream I have is to open up a dog rescue.

I would love to adopt from another country someday.
If I could live anywhere besides Nebraska it would be Colorado.
I cry very easily, especially if I'm frustrated with something.
As embarrassing as it is, this tends to be when I'm at work.

I tend to be very shy when I first meet people.
I LOVE sour candy! Yum!
I want 4 kids, 2 boys 2 girls. But we are leaving it up to God of course!
I care way to much about what people think-I need to remember that God's opinion is the only one I need to care about.

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