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Monday, March 11, 2013

Pregnancy Thoughts

I'm over halfway through with this pregnancy! Crazy! 4 months seems so far away but at the same time I just have to sit back and think about how 4 months isnt that far away at all. It seems like I just found out I was pregnant!
Then there's the many things we need to get done before Baby S makes her entrance!

We have decided(and by we I mean me) to keep baby girl's name a secret until she's born! We have been going back and forth with this since we came up with her name. Louie wants to tell everyone so bad but I'm the type of person who cares way too much what other people think so I just think it's best not to tell anyone right now. I don't want anyone's reaction to the name to sway my opinion because I really love it. With the exception of my immediate family everyone else is going to have to be surprised!

We are debating on whether or not to paint her room. If we are going to I'd like to decide soon so that we can get it done before we set up her crib. The color theme for her room is going to be pink and red with aqua accents! I can't wait to get everything put together!

As I was typing this baby girl just kicked me like 20 times in a row-very fast I might add! That was a first! It's still so amazing to think that there is a little life inside of me. Especially since we tried for a year to get pregnant- there were many prayers for this sweet baby! God has truly blessed us!


  1. Aww! So exciting!! I'm sitting here thinking of all the names that start with "S" lol

  2. I am halfway today too!!!! So glad I found your blog through mommy moments :) Following you!