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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dearest Selah

My Selah Abigail,

There are things I never want to forget about this stage you're in. The way your eyelashes look when you're sleeping. The way you nuzzle into my arm when you are overtired and fighting sleep. The way you look at me like I'm your favorite person in the whole world. It's such a different love than I ever imagined it would be.

I love that you started sucking your thumb when you sleep. I know I should be trying to get you to stop but I just can't bring myself to. There's just something so sweet about it.

When I put you on my shoulder to burp you I love the sound of your breath in my ear. It's so soft, so sweet. Something I never want to forget.

You're such a determined girl already, I can see it. You've rolled from your belly to your back last week and now you're trying to roll from back to tummy. I just know you will do it soon! I love seeing the determination in you because I know now that these things might be what some would consider the "little things" but I see them as huge things! I know that you will be one determined and outspoken girl when it comes to things of the kingdom and I just love that about you!

Your daddy and I prayed and declared when you were in my belly that you would never be afraid to speak out for Jesus. You will never struggle with being shy like the both of us have. I can already tell how social you are by the fact that you try to "talk" to anyone who gives you so much as a smile. I love it.

 I'm so so glad that we named you Selah! It is so perfect for you because everyday just thinking about you causes me to pause and reflect on what the Lord has done for me! He brought me you, sweet girl. Words cannot express my thankfulness for you.

Sweet pea, you melt me every. single. day. From your contagious smiles to your coos and belly laugh. We love you so much baby girl. You have made our world so much brighter!


  1. She is just soooo adorable girl and her light is shining bright! Leon and I pray this exact same thing over Evie. Leon doesn't have a problem speaking out to strangers and friends about Jesus in fact it's His passion.. Me however, really has to step out on my comfort zone. I hate those comfort zones -_-

    I can already see Evie as a fearless warrior and I know she will step out fearlessly. I can totally see Evie and Selah being Disciples together :)

  2. she is SO cute! I love her hair and eyes!!