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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Story of Us. Part 1

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a blessed weekend! In honor of my hubby and I's 1st Anniversary tomorrow I'm going to be posting the story of us. ENJOY! :)
The story of us. PART 1
He was 13 and I was 12 and our siblings were in love. Great opener, eh?? I thought so. :). Anyways back to my story.
My older sister Faith and his older brother Anthony were an item all throughout highschool and they were determined to make both of us blush. Every moment they had a chance they would tell me about Louie. All I knew was that he was chubby, shy and had braces. JUST LIKE ME.
 Loujo and Antho.
Faith and I. :)
Anthony and Faith for whatever reason decided one day to bring Louie over to our house to meet me. I was with my friend, Kim in the backyard digging in the dirt. I kid you not, I was litterally digging a hole in the dirt. Don’t even ask me what we were doing, I couldn’t even tell you! I heard Anthony and Faith say something behind me so I turned around and lo and behold I layed eyes on Louis Joseph Moreno Teal for the first time. I heard the bells, saw fireworks, and felt butterlies all at the same time. IT WAS THE REAL DEAL, PEOPLE! ;)
After the initial shock of realizing that this was the Louie I had heard so much about came the embarrassment. I was MORTIFIED. The one time they decide to bring my future husband to the house I was digging in the dirt. Typical.
I don't recall a formal greeting by either one of us being the shy little things we were. There was probably some blushing then some looking down, looking up, making eye contact then blushing again! We all then went inside and Louie and I set up a game of mario kart on the nintendo 64. You know, to break the ice. Yeah, we were cool. After the said game and some suttle flirting on our parts, Anthony came over and asked both of us individually what we thought of the other. It was concluded that we both "liked" each other. When he said he liked me I'm sure he was probably meaning that he'd like to play mario kart again sometime. When I said I liked him I meant I was already planning a wedding and what we'd name our babies. Same thing right?

I didn’t see Louie much after that until I started middle school. In which he was a cool 8th grader and I was just a lowly sevie. My heart skipped a beat nearly everytime I saw him in the hallway. Wishing, hoping, and dreaming of the day when he would push me up against the lockers and kiss me like there was no tomorrow! (I had a vivid imagination if you can't tell)
By the time I entered high school Louie and I were like strangers. Our siblings had broken up the year before after 4 years of dating which surprised everyone. Anthony was a part of the family for so long so it was completely strange for him to not be there anymore.Even though it had been a good year since I'd seen Louie my heart would still skip a beat when I saw him and I purposely tried to dress my cutest and non-chalantly walk through the band hallway so that maybe he could get a glimpse of me. Yes, Loujo was a band nerd. A few months after I started High School one of my best friends, who was also in band informed me that Loujo had a girlfriend. Her name was Sarah. Say whaaaaat?!? Yeah, you heard that right. She had my name and my man. It was horrible to walk through the hallway and see them holding hands. It made me feel invisible and worthless to him. He acted like I never even existed. I wanted so badly for him to come up to me and start a conversation but he never did. To be fair, I never did either.

My sophomore year I transferred to a new school and so loujo was out of my sight and mostly out of my mind for the remainder of my high school career. I developed new crushes and new boys to think about. Loujo was my friend on myspace and facebook so I did think about him from time to time when I'd see him online or see a status or picture he posted about his beautiful, skinny, and outgoing girlfriend. She was everything I thought I wasn't.
To Be Continued….

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  1. Ugh! You win you win! I want to hear more!!!!! That pictures of you in that dress is beautiful. I'm loving the story....sigh. I'll just have to wait until the next chapter!