The story of us part 3
After I posted the aforementioned status I closed my laptop and went to eat dinner. A few hours later I logged onto facebook and saw that I had a comment on my status from Loujo. "SAYYY WHATTT??" I thought. Remember, I had not heard from him in over 4 years. No acknowledging I even existed. As the page was loading I felt butterflies doing the cha cha slide in my stomach and I was pretty sure it wasn't from the chimichanga I had for dinner.
The conversation went something like this,
Me, "I reallllly want a gym membership."
Loujo, "You should go to Gold's, it's pretty legit."
Me, "Do you know if you have to have a contract for that?"
Loujo, "No I'm pretty sure you don’t, and its 10 bucks a month."
Me, "Oh wow that's awesome! I'll have to check it out!"
Loujo, "Yeah you should! I hope to see you there sometime."
Now this got my interest! My thoughts- "He wants to see me! Yeah boyy! WOOT WOOT! Is this real life?"
What I was about to do was not like me! I NEVER put myself out there! I mean NEVER! In our normal universe I would've said, "yeah maybe you will." and that wouldve been it. But no, God had control of this, I am sure because what I was about to do would change everything.
Me, "Lol Yeah Louie, it has been farr too long! Does anyone even call you that any more? haha"
Loujo, "Of course they do. Or Lou as my baby neice still calls me! We should kick it sometime."
(Cue the awwwweees!)
Me, "Here's my number, xxx-xxx-xxxx text me sometime! :)"
Loujo, "Will do!"
After the exchange my head was SPINNING! "Did I really just do that?? I think I did. WOW."
The next day while I was at work I got a text from Loujo trying to be all non chalant about texting me. I made him sweat it out for a few hours before texting him back. I'm mean like that. Haha. But a girl's gotta play her game, right? Loujo and I continued to text for the next 3 days or so. We played the question game and learned a lot about each other. I learned that he played in the worship band at his Church which was so awesome to me! At this point I made no connection at all to Melanie's dreams. None.
Loujo and I made plans to go out to "reconnect." or some bologna like that. It was a date I just knew it. We made plans for him to pick me up after worship team practice that night. He told me it would be about 8 by the time he picked me up.
That day I was a bundle of nerves. I was so nervous about there being awkward silences being the shy girl I was. ESPECIALLY around guys I liked. But at the same time I just felt right about this date. Like we were meant to be. I remember being on the phone with my sister, Amanda that day and her telling me to not be nervous and if it's meant to be then our conversation will keep leading back to God. "Alright, God's got this!" I thought.
Of course all 3 of my sisters were calling me that night and helping me prepare for my big date! My sister, Faith called me and said and I quote, "Wouldn't it be crazy if you two ended up getting married??" I remember laughing and kind of brushing it aside but I knew this just felt right.
8pm rolled around with no sign from Loujo. I waited and waited and finally after a half hour I texted him with no answer back. I was so upset. I was convinced he had stood me up. When 9pm rolled around my phone began to ring and on the line was the cutest voice I had ever heard. It melted me instantly. He apologized for being late, his practice had lasted longer than he thought it would. His voice was so cute though, all of my annoyance over him being late vanished away. He pulled up to my driveway and I sprinted out the door because I did NOT want my mom having a chance to say something embarrassing to him. It was much to soon for those shinanigans.
I got in the car and off we went to village in. Our date went amazingly. Our conversations kept coming back to God. I clicked with him instantly and there wasn’t one "awkward silence."
Four hours later, (YES we were in village inn for 4 hours!!!) he took me back home and walked me up to my front door! BUTTERFLIES!!! Slowly we turned toward eachother and he gave me the best and longest hug ever. It was amazing. When we finally pulled away from eachother he gave me "the look". He was fixing to kiss me I just knew it so I ran inside before he could. I wanted our first kiss to be special, not that it wouldn't have been that night but I just thought it was a litte too soon.
I remember going in the house and literally SHAKING. I was in such a state of shock that I could not stand up. It was the realization that this was the man that God had planned for me. This was the man that Melanie had dreamed about. It was pretty insane. I went to bed that night with a huge smile on my face knowing that my life would never be the same.
To be continued...