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Friday, April 19, 2013

He wants to bless us!

This Man.
Melts me. Seriously, fully and completely.
Whoever said that the "honeymoon stage" only lasts for a couple of months is oh so wrong. Cuz I've been married to this babe for almost 2 years and I love him much more today than the day I married him.
Last night baby girl was kicking a bunch and everytime I felt her start kicking I would move his hand to my belly to feel.
Everytime he felt her his face would light up in pure exuberation. Elated. Oh how I love that man.
Truth be told, I was a little worried when we found out that baby girl was a she. We were convinced she would be a boy and Loujo wanted a boy more than anything. I was afraid that he would be dissappointed if the baby turned out to be a girl. But you know what? He wasn’t. Not at all. When the ultrasound tech told us the gender the first words out of hubby's mouth were, "My princess." See what I mean? MELT.

When I prayed for a husband there were several qualities that I had in mind. He possesses every one of them. God really blessed me so abundantly. I feel so undeserving of such an amazing man when there are so many women with husbands who are horrible to them. But you know what? That's what God does for us. He gives us gifts that we don't deserve at all-so that in turn we can see what kind of a God he is. He sent His precious son to die a horrible death for us so that we could be saved. And not only saved but set free, delivered, and healed as well. The fact that He wants to bless us too??? That's just the cherry on top of the cake. We serve such a good God.
But friends, God wants us to ask for the things we desire sometimes. How can we expect Him to bless us if we don't ask?
James 4:2 "You do not have because you do not ask God."
Did I ask for a husband like loujo? Oh yes I did. More times than I can count.
Am I saying that God will give us whatever we ask for when we ask for it? Not at all. But ya'll God WANTS to bless His children! It is His delight! He wants to give us good gifts-great gifts even. If you have a good earthy dad then you know that he would do anything he could to make you happy. If he had the means for it he would surely he would do whatever he could to make your life easier, right? People, we serve a big God. He owns the whole universe and everything in it! What makes you think that He can't find you a husband, give you a baby, heal your body, or find you a job! He CAN!!! If only we would let Him. If only we could lay aside our pride and the mentality that we are in control of everything then He would have free reign to do what He does!
The things that we ask for don't always come when we are wanting them-in fact sometimes God changes our desires to match up with His plans for our life. In that moment you can look back and say, "Thank you Lord for knowing what is best."
I can name a few prayers that I have prayed that would have been disasterous if God had answered them like I wanted him to. If one certain prayer would have been answered three years ago I definitely wouldn't be married to my husband.
See, told you He's a good God! :)

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  1. that is so sweet!! My husband LOVES feeling our baby move and it makes me so happy!