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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Selah-6 Months!

Man, I am wayyyy late on this update! Selah is now almost 6 1/2 months old so this should've been up about two weeks ago! Whoops! :/ You all forgive me, right? ;) How is it possible that my sweet pea is already 6 months old?!

People told me so many times before I was born that I need to cherish every moment that she is a baby because it goes by oh so fast. I never REALLY knew how fast it would go until now. Selah is already half a year old-in 6 months she will be a toddler! It's so surreal! I'm definitely going to soak up these next 6 months watching my baby girl grow into the sweet girl that God has created her to be. How blessed am I that He chose ME to be her mama? My cup runneth over!

Weight: Selah baby is a little over 13lbs! She's a little baby with a lot of spunk! She is in the 2nd percentile for her weight-just like her daddy was when he was a baby.

Height: Around 26 inches-around the 20th percentile. Nicknames: Little Missy, Missy, Sweet Pea, Miha

Eating: Selah is eating mamas milk every 3 hours in the day. Last month we also started her on baby food and she is loving it! Her favorites are carrots, sweet potatoes, and applesauce.

Sleeping: Selah is an official crib sleeper! She is sleeping on average 10 hours at night which is great for mama and dada! We actually get to spend time together once she goes to bed now which is awesome!

Diapers: Size 2

Clothing: Selah is finally officially in size 6 months clothes! I just packed up the last of her 3 month clothes.

Social: Selah is loving the nursery at church! All of the nursery workers think that she is the cutest thing, always smiling and giggling!

Likes: rolling from tummy to back and back to tummy, being mobile-rolling all over her bedroom floor, her paci, bath time, mama and daddy.

Dislikes: not having something to chew on. This girl is teething, teething, and more teething! What we're looking forward to: Her 6 month photo shoot coming up in a few weeks!

1 comment:

  1. Tiny and spunky haha love it!! She'll be this tiny little girl with the fire of God in her.. People wont see it coming! =D

    EEEK! So excited to see the 6 month shoot =D

    Btw if you're looking for a cheaper route for applesauce I have a great homemade recipe :) It's sooooo simple! you just take a bag of apples, peel them, cut them in cubes, boil them, mash'em in the blender with water, add a dash of cinnamon more or less and wolah! =D