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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Very Random Link up #3

Hey folks! Sorry for the delay on getting this video up! Heather and I were having some technical difficulties yesterday but we figured everything out! :) Two things you must know before you watch my video: #1-I just realized this is the 3rd link up, not the 4th! Whoops! #2-Please ignore my lack of makeup and messy house. Please and thank you! :) Our question for next weeks Vlog is: Why did you start blogging? I can't wait to hear all of your answers! :)


  1. Your dream house seriously completes my dream house!! I love all of your dream house ideas especially the one with lots of windows and a separate photography studio! I think it would also be fun to have a balcony in the Master bedroom with a beautiful scenery.. :)))

    So, I've never told you this but my we used to own a pig...His name was Leroy!! He grew to weigh 300 pounds and my parents sold him for meat!! .... I probably could have left that last part out huh?? LOL

    Also I totally know what kind of goats your talking about.. I don't know the name though.. I used to own one. His name was big jon!

    BTW YOU ARE gorgeous!!!! And Selah is meant for camera girlfran!

  2. Selah!! How adorable! That hair! =) I love it!

    I would LOVE to have goats too! My Aunt & Uncle have them and I love visiting them! And yes, lots of windows! I agree! =D